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Help at Home and Outings Assistance in Gateshead

Do you or a loved one need some help at home with the domestic tasks?

How about some support with the shopping or to collect prescriptions, or to pay bills?

Would you like some companionship and support when out and about doing the things you enjoy or to run errands? 

If so, then you're in the right place!

Here's how we can help...

Help at Home - £18.50 per hour

Each week, we'll take care of your weekly housework, doing the tasks

that you want us to do, to ease the burden on your self or your loved

ones, and freeing up your time to do the things you enjoy. We'll do

your shopping and run errands for you too if you'd like us so, and collect any

prescriptions, or pay any bills if that will help.  




Outings Assistance - £19.50 per hour

This flexible service is ideal for you if you'd like some great

companionship, an arm to lean on and support when out and about. 

Whether it's to attend an appointment, or a weekly trip to somewhere

you really enjoy, we'll be with you from home and back again. 












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